Top Tools Used By An Electrician

“A student without a pen in a class is like a soldier without a gun in a battle fight”. Some of you may commonly hear this saying; although a cliché, but this still remains as one of the most honest statement ever. Same goes to an electrician, they cannot conduct their electrical services without the help of the tools and equipment needed in order for them to do the job that needs to be done. In Australia, electrical services in one of the most sought after services in different kinds of industries, including in Sydney. Electrician helps household owners, commercial buildings, and many others. In line with this, we will be tackling in this article, what are the most common tools and devices that an electrician brings with him in his tool belt.


All of us are probably aware of this; flashlight is one of the most essential tools an electrician utilizes. In fact some of you may even think of a flashlight as the primary tool of an electrician. Some may think flashlight as an unimportant tool if the area is bright and has lots of lights, but electricians still cary it with them. This is for the reason that although an area wherein an electrician operates has enough light, going through outlets, pipes, wire boxes, sockets, conduits may require much light because of the darkness it has on the inside. Electricians work for electrical system and wirings, so they must able to ensure efficiency.


Pliers are considered to be a multi-purpose tool an electrician carry. Pliers are used to when an electrician tightens, loosens wirings. In addition, pliers are also used by electricians to cutting, twisting of wires.


Voltmeters are kind of tools an electrician must have to help them with the measurement of the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. Since voltmeters measures electricity, this signifies that these tools are used primarily to ensure the safety of the circuit by the flow of electricity. By utilizing a voltmeter, an electrician will be able to determine the whether or not the circuit is live. For this reason, after conducting the test with the use of a voltmeter, the electrician then can proceed to the planning, and necessary repairs that needs to be done.

Wire Strippers

Another tools one may usually see in electrician’s tool box and belt are the wire strippers. Wire strippers are those tiny and handheld tools that are being likened to scissors used to cut the unbound insulation that is around the wire. An electrician utilizes the wire strippers so as to join those that require running of electrical circuit such as connecting wires to switches to conductors and others.

Draw Tape

Also known fish tape, a draw tape or draw wire is a tool used by an electrician to route guide string for new wiring through pipes as well as walls and electrical conduit. Draw tapes are commonly described as a long and narrow band that is made up of light-carbon steel. Since it is a tape, it is coiled and placed on a reel.

In Sydney Electrician highly in demand especially nowadays that buildings, high-rise apartments continue to develop and rise. If you happen to hire electrician before, you probably notice the tools stated above and may even recognized those.

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